...living the life, setting the standards.

God has all power to do as He wants, yet He puts into consideration the power He has given us- the power of choice, as well as the timing for His plans and purposes on earth. The world is, becoming a weary place and the youths are becoming faint due to risky behaviors in the society and overwhelming vices that abound. But God has the power to renew our strength, for where evil abound, grace abounds even the more.

Are you feeling the weariness of the world?

Do you feel like throwing in the towel and joining the band wagon?

C.Y.A.N has goodnews for you. The slogan ďif you canít beat them join themĒ is not longer in vogue, the world as bad as it is, is anticipating the emergence of people that are exceptionally different from them, and we believe you are here for such a time like this.

The timing of God has to do with his agenda for a particular generation, when Godís time and purpose meets with your availability; you become a target to be recognized in your generation as light that shines to the glory of God. By reason of divine timing, Godís calculation has fallen on you, this is your time, and this is your season, cease the moment and affect a positive change. Donít let this season pass you by, have an understanding of the times and do that which you ought to do while it is still in your power to do so. God expects you to make a difference, so do we at C.Y.A.N